WindLab Junior

WindLab Junior (WL-J)

WindLab Junior bundles the WindLab, WL-1, and the Light and Music Module, LM-1. This module demonstrates that the electrical energy converted from the wind can powers LED and makes music.

WindLab is a mini wind turbine (wind power generator) designed for students to learn the Wind Power Technology. The wind turbine converts Kinetic energy in the wind to electrical energy. You can do various experiments with it to understand how wind turbine works to generate electricity.

Students can modify the parameters (blades and vane) of this turbine to see how the output changes at different wind speed conditions. The vane on the turbine aligns the turbine automatically to the direction of wind.

Sheet Blades and Vane are made of Polypropylene sheet.  Students can use any suitable sheet materials to make their own blades for evaluation.

The special 3 Phase AC Alternator used in the turbine is similar to the one used in real commercial wind turbine.

Gold Capacitor is included inside the wind turbine to store the energy harvested from the wind. The LED inside the turbine lights up to indicate that electrical energy is being converted from the wind.

Wind Turbine - WindLab Junior WL-J

Sheet Blade: BS-11, BS-21
Energy Storage: Int. Capacitor
Base Weight: Standard
Blade Pitch: Fixed


385(H) x 320 (W) x 210 (L) mm, 0.43 Kg
In Giftbox
305 x 147 x55 mm, 0.65 Kg
In Carton
315 x 315 x 290 mm, 7.3 Kg, 10 Sets / Carton


– Mini Wind Turbine (wind power generator)
– Kit for learning Wind Power Technology
– Gold Capacitor for generated electricity Storage
– Polypropylene Sheet Blade, BS-11 (3 Pc) included
– Polypropylene Sheet Blade, BS-21 (3 Pc) included
– Blade parameters can be modified by user for evaluation
– Vane aligns the generator automatically to the direction of wind
– Special 3-Phase AC Alternator

Devices to work with

– Light and Music Module, LM-1
– Visual Voltmeter, VM-1, VM-2
– Energy Monitor, EM-1

Wind Turbine : WindLab Junior Schematic Diagram
WindLab Junior Schematic Diagram
Download WindLab Junior Instruction Sheet pdf