WindCharge Plus

WindCharge Plus, WCP-1

WindCharge Plus is a powerful mini wind turbine with profiled Blades designed for charging rechargeable batteries (e.g. NiMH, Fuel Cells, Mobile Phones) with higher power.

The difference between WindCharge and WindCharge Plus is that WindCharge Plus uses profiled Blades that can harvest more than 300% power than WindCharge under the same wind speeds.

The metal alloy base is heavy and base extenders are employed to withstand the higher trust encountered” under the strong wind so that the WindPitch will not “walk.



   Wind Turbine Charger : WindCharge Plus WCP-1
Profile Blade: BP-38
Max. no. of Blade Positions: 6
Base Weight: Heavy
Blade Pitch: Fixed


– Mini Wind Turbine (wind power generator)
– Charger for electronic devices
– Profiled Blade, BP-38 (3 Pc) included
– Vane will automatically align the generator to the direction of wind
– Special 3-Phase AC Alternator (similar to the one used in real wind turbine)
– Kit for hands-on experience

Devices to Word With

– Visual Voltmeter, VM-1, VM-2
– Energy Monitor, EM-1
– Energy Station, ES-1
– Mobile Phone Charger, MC-1
– Fuel Cells


405(H) x 320 (W) x 210 (L) mm, 0.7 Kg
In Giftbox
305 x 147 x55 mm, 0.8 Kg
In Carton
315 x 315 x 290 mm, 9 Kg, 10 Sets / Carton


Wind Turbine Charger : WindCharge Plus Schematic Diagram
WindCharge Plus Schematic Diagram
Download WindCharge Plus Instruction Sheet pdf


Wind Turbine : WindCharge Plus Blades
WindCharge Plus Blades