Wind Charge

WindCharge, WC-1

WindCharge is a mini wind turbine designed for charging rechargeable batteries (e.g. NiMH). You can modify the parameters (blades and vane) of this turbine to maximize its output at the wind speed it operates.

The difference between WindLab and WindCharge is that there is no LED indicator and Capacitor inside WindCharge for storing electricity, therefore, switches are not implemented.

The special 3 Phase AC Alternator used in the turbine is similar to the one used in real commercial wind turbine.





Wind turbine for charging rechargeable battery : WC-1

Sheet Blade: BS-11
Max. no. of Blade Positions: 6
Base Weight: Standard
Blade Pitch: Fixed


– Mini Wind Turbine (wind power generator)
– Charger for electronic devices
– Polypropylene Sheet Blade, BS-11 (6 Pc) included
– Blade parameters can be modified by user for maximizing efficiency
– Vane will automatically align the generator to the direction of wind
– Special 3-Phase AC Alternator (similar to the one used in real wind turbine)
– Kit for hands-on experience

Devices to Word With

– Visual Voltmeter, VM-1,  VM-2
– Energy Wattmeter, EM-1
– Energy Station, ES-1
– Mobile Phone Charger, MC-1


385(H) x 320 (W) x 210 (L) mm, 0.4 Kg
In Giftbox
305 x 147 x55 mm, 0.62 Kg
In Carton
315 x 315 x 290 mm, 7 Kg, 10 Sets / Carton


Wind Turbine: WindCharge (Red)
WindCharge in Red



Wind Turinbe: WindCharge (White)
WindCharge (White)


Wind Turbine: WindCharge Schematic Diagram
WindCharge Schematic Diagram
Download WindCharge Instruction Sheet pdf


WindLab and WindCharge turbine Installation and Operation