Site selection

Wind Turbine SIte Selection

In any location, the closer you get to the surface of the earth, the slower the wind speed. This is a result of the friction of the earth and obstacles on the surface. Turbulence caused by obstacles will reduce the efficiency of any wind turbine. Therefore, locate the turbine in a higher site that has the “cleanest” free-flowing wind possible. Power in the wind is the cubic function of the wind speed. This means that small changes in wind speed can have dramatic changes in output. Each time the wind speed doubles, the output power is increased by eight times! Even slight changes have dramatic effects.


There are a few things to consider when choosing the correct tower for a turbine, site and budget. You may install a wind turbine on a Guyed Tower or Roof-Top.

It is important to mount the turbine in the best winds while being balanced by the cost and effort of the installation. As a rule, the higher the tower is erected, the greater the output. However, the taller tower also involves greater tower cost and effort. If purchasing a taller tower will provide significantly more power it might offset the additional cost and effort.

Guyed Towers

Guyed and freestanding towers are the most common way to install a wind generator. These towers are available in all shapes, sizes and costs. As with all towers, you must first evaluate your site to determine the appropriate tower height, available space and reasonable cost.

Roof Top

Roof top mounts offer relatively easy multiple turbine installations if the site allows. Vibration isolator may have to be attached to a structure to isolate the vibration created by the wind turbine during operation.