LED Voltmeter

LED Voltmeter in Red, Green and Yellow LED for monitoring voltage (VM-2)

This Voltmeter indicates the DC voltage connected to the input terminals. The corresponding LED lights up when the input voltage is higher than the scale indicated for that LED. The higher the input voltage, the more LEDs light up.

When the polarity of the power is reversed, the “Reverse Polarity” LED is lit. You should reverse the polarity of the input connection.

Power ON” LED lights up when the power switch is switched “ON”.

This voltmeter is great for working with Wind turbines and Solar Panels with more fun.

The main difference between VM-1 and VM-2 is the color of the LEDs. VM-1 uses red, green and yellow LED while VM-2 uses blue and white LED.


Full Scale

5V / 10V selectable




  • Power ON
  • Reverse Polarity


6V (AAA type * 4 Pcs)




35(H) x 58 (W) x 101 (L) mm, 60g

In Giftbox

40 x 59 x107 mm, 70g

In Carton

415 x 315 x 240 mm, 8.5Kg, 100 Sets / Carton


LED Voltmeter in Red, Greed, Yellow LED for monitoring voltage

LED Voltmeter  VM-1
Download Instruction Sheet for LED Voltmeter


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