Wind Power Experiments

WindLab, WindCharge and WindPitch are mini Wind Turbines (Wind Power Generator) designed for students to learn the Wind Power Technology. You can do various experiments with it to understand how a wind turbine works to generate electricity.

Blades on WindLab and WindCharge are made of Polypropylene sheet, while WindLab Plus, WindCharge Plus and WindPitch include Polypropylene Sheet Blades and molded Profile Blades.

Students can modify the parameters of these turbines to see how the output changes at different wind speed conditions. The vane on the turbine aligns the turbine automatically to the direction of wind.

The output power of WindLab Plus, WindCharge Plus and WindPitch are much higher than that of the WindLab and WindCharge because of the profiled blades and optimum Blade Pitch.

The special 3 Phase AC Alternator used in the turbine is similar to the one used in real commercial wind turbine.

Wind Turbine used in Wind Power Generation Experiments

Generation of Electricity by Wind Turbine

When wind speed is above the Start-up speed, electricity is generated from the wind turbine. LED inside the WindLab turbine lights up to indicate electricity is generated. The generated electricity can also be stored in the Gold Capacitor inside the turbine. Switches are used to direct the electricity generated from the turbine to this storage capacitor or to the output connector.

Wind Source

You may use a floor fan as the wind source for doing experiments with this turbine. You may then adjust the wind speed switch settings on the fan and the distance to see the performance of the turbine under this controlled environment. This is something that you cannot control when you are evaluating the performance of a roof-top wind turbine.